Monday, July 15, 2013

Have you tried Dasani's new flavor enhancing drops for water? Dasani is part of the coca-cola company and since I've always been loyal to this brand, I'm so happy they make their own drops now! These come in a handful of flavors for now, but I expect they will broaden later. The flavors are just as good as other enhancers on the market, like Mio or Powerade. They also have mostly the same ingredients and flavored with sucralose. Sucralose is a no-calorie sweetener that as we know for now, does not hurt your body. I really love the Strawberry Kiwi! As of now, this flavor is better than the competitors and doesn't leave an aftertaste. The only downside to these, at least right now, is they are more expensive then other brands. Gotta try them!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sugar 'N Spice Voxbox 2013

Influenster has sent me a great box of assorted goodies this month. Go HERE to view our video of first impressions. Here is the list of what I received and my thoughts after trying them out:

Nectresse - Sweetener Packets: I was really happy with the taste of this. It's very close to real sugar without the calories! The packets make it perfect to store without worrying about it clumping or getting over everything, and for the go as well.

Dickinson's - Witch hazel Oil Controlling Towelettes: This product I've used before and am still using. It not only works as a quick face cleaner, but it prevents the oily look people with skin concerns get. You can use this before bed as a nightly cleaner, but it also works great in the mornings or after a workout to blot oily skin and will ultimately prevent breakouts. The packets are very easy to keep in your gym bag!

Vaseline - Spray & Go Moisturizer: A lotion in a spray can? I was already blown away by the idea, and after using it I will be switching up my skin care regime. I usually keep lotion in the car or my purse when my skin starts feeling dry away from home, but it gets messy and I hate when I end up getting it all over my clothes or car seats. This stuff really helps makes moisturization clean and easy! You HAVE to give it a try! Since the can is too big for my purse, this is an item that stays in the glove box.

Colgate - Mouth Wash & Toothpaste: If you're already a fan of Colgate, you appreciate it's boldly clean freshness. Now it comes in this 360 Optic White that will bring back some of the whiteness in your teeth. So far it hasn't made a noticeable difference for me, but it appears to have lessened my sensitivity.

Colgate - Optic White Toothbrush: I really love this toothbrush. Although it's not particularly different then all the kinds out there, the bristles are holding up to strain much better than my last ones. If you are a hard brusher, I'd recommend trying this one out.

BelVita - Breakfast Biscuits: I didn't enjoy this product. Although it's got great ingredients without that junk you see everywhere, it just didn't taste good to me. I felt like I was eating bark. However, if you're big into the health food craze and looking to add an energizing snack to your routine, this one is made of whole grain and has B vitamins and fiber.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Garnier Fructis NEW Hydra Charge!

Have you tried the new line from Garnier Fructis! It's amazing! Give it a try!

I got this free at!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Holiday Vox Box

I've received my awesome Holiday Vox Box from! It includes Kiss Nail dress Stickers, a Venus Embrace Razor, a Goody Hair Brush, a single serve packet of EBoost Natural Energy, NYC Lipgloss, a single serve bowl of Quaker Oatmeal, and a  Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask packet.

The Eboost energy worked well enough and didn't leave me feeling crashed at the end of the day. The razor is awesome, and you can interchange the heads with other Venus kinds, so loved that. The Kiss Nail stickers have always been decent enough and these work just as well. The NYC lipgloss gives just the right amount of tint and really worked great keeping my lips feeling smooth all evening. The oatmeal is SO convenient on the go and tasted amazing. The face mask is now one of my favorite to buy, even though you're paying more for a single serve, but great for those who don't use them often.

But my most favorite product in this set is the hair brush by Goody. It comes with microfiber pieces between the bristles that helps your hair dry faster than normal for those of us who don't blow dry. It really works! My hair instantly felt a bit dryer and it halved the time it normally takes my hair to air dry. The microfiber bristles won't get full of bacteria and dries within a day to be ready for your next shower. Awesome product!