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 Nivea: A Kiss of Smoothness
 I am a fan of Nivea's packaging. They are always lightweight and the turning never sticks. For this particular balm, it DOES make your lips feel smooth immediately, but the smoothness wears off in minutes. There are no other effects I have found with this product other than a couple minutes of feeling baby soft. So, if you use it immediately before a first kiss and that's it, it's a great product. Otherwise, this one fails for me.

 Nivea: A Kiss of Shimmer
 This is STILL my favorite lip balm to date (4/12)! I've been using it for a year now and it not only makes my lips feel moisturized, it also give them a slightly shimmery pink color. I hate wearing most lipsticks so this is the perfect backup! The shimmer doesnt last too long, but if you apply once an hour you will still get a few months use out of one tube.


 La Fresh Oil-Free Makeup Removing Wipes
 I was pretty impressed with this product. Unlike other facial wipes I've used, my skin doesn't feel greasy and/or overly scented afterwards. And unlike most facial cleansers I've used, my skin doesn't feel dry afterwards. The scent is very light and is a 'baby powder clean' kind of smell. My skin was also smooth after use. The actual wipe is a good size, about the size of a wash cloth. My only complaint is it didn't work wonders taking off mascara, but did take off most of it.


 La Fresh Acetone-Free Nail Polish Removing Wipes
 I love this product! They have made a buyer out of me! Each wipe comes in it's own package and is only the size of about 3"x3", but it worked for 2 coats of polish & a bottom coat on all ten nails with no problems. It worked quicker than my normal sponge remover as well and left my nails feeling moisturized. The only down-size for me: It said no need to rinse but it left my fingertips too greasy for using my keyboard & mouse afterwards. Still, an amazing product in my opinion! These will cost you substantially more than your average remover, but I think it's worth it.
 A- *Update* After purchasing this product because of how much I loved it, it didn't seem to work as well the next time around. Either I got a bad batch, or some other consequences caused this to droop in value.
 C -Amy


 Bliss: Youth As We know It - Anti Aging Night Cream
 This cream retails for $80, and it is NOT worth it. Luckily I got mine for free or I'd be extremely upset, lol. I've been using it for about 3 weeks now (which most anti-aging products recommend using for this long before seeing results) and I do not notice any difference with my skin. When I started using it, there was a build up on my face. The lotion was rolling up and falling off my face like a sunburn peeling. At first I thought perhaps I hadn't washed my face well enough, as I use moist towelettes... but after a week of using a liquid cleanser at the sink and the build up was still there, I was disappointed. I then experimented with using less and more, but the build up continued, and as I write this there are flakes of lotion falling off my face. Very disappointing for a high end product that is supposed to be great...

 Olay 2-in-1 Facial Cloths (Normal: Exfoliate & Moisture)
 I'm in love! These come in small towelettes that you wet under the faucet, rub together to create the soap, then rub over your face. By the 3rd time you put it under the faucet, the soap is gone and you then use it to rinse. Not only is it easy to use, but the waste is small. The pads fold out to about 5"x5" but they are thin and take up about the size of a half dollar in your trash. ALSO: they work! After using, my face feels soft and clean without any fragrance or dried out feeling. My face even looks fresh and clean afterwards! Brava!

 Olay Professional Prox Wrinkle Smoothing Cream
 Considering I recently tried a cream 4x more expensive, I was surprised how wonderful this lotion feels on my skin. After use, my skin is instantly smoother. Whether or not it fixes & prevents wrinkles, well...only time will tell? This is definately a good lotion to use before your makeup and before bed if you don't have a preferable night cream.


 Sensible Portions (Chips)
 I'm always on the lookout for a snack that is relatively filling without the calories. I think I found another worth stocking! I've tried the Sea Salt & Ranch varieties and I really enjoyed them! My favorite was the Ranch Veggie Straws. These are made with potatoes but also includes Tomato & Spinach, making them less fattening then regular potatoe chips. With all natural ingrediants and a light airy taste, these really helped me pass snack time without digging up something incredibly bad for me.

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